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The project

Steez's projects are centered around the practice of longboarding. Steez strongly believes in the value of each individual and that they have the skills and rights to try skateboarding, regardless of their abilities and life situation.

They position themselves as an incubator for longboard and skateboard related projects to support and grow the community of Gulu City and the northern region of Uganda.

Motto steez
Steez is the acronym for "stance with ease".
It means being comfortable to the extent of one's ability.

Our activities

Free the sport for all. We set up free workshops to allow everyone to practice skatebroad/longboard. A way to escape from everyday life and access to new sporting opportunities.


Steez who ?

Steez is first and foremost an adventure undertaken by two people who are passionate about life and human relationships.

Since January 2022, and during two years, we are working in two local and community associations that deal with street children and women empowerment.

We will do our best to bring our passion for skateboarding to everyone who want to try it and to build an environment favorable to the practice of this sport and its development. To do this, we have brought equipments from Europe that we offered to the newly created community on site.

Lio & Cha

Team steez

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Nelly & Bryan

Gulu Skateboard Community

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